3 Pre Roll Benefits Have Over Joints

Pre roll joints won’t be replacing classic roll-em’ up doobs for a while, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve any less of your love and attention! 

Lets’ face it – joints are the classic marijuana delivery vehicle of choice when it comes to getting all that good-good from our favourite plant, but sometimes, they can be a bit much. Depending on which papers you use, how much weed you have on hand, and how many people are in your sesh, rolling your own joints can be more than a hassle. Mastering the art of the roll takes time, patience, and a bit of practice to get down correctly. 

That’s not mentioning the fact that sometimes, you just don’t need or want a thick, kush packed joint to get the job done. Maybe you’re outside enjoying a little R&R and don’t want to get too blasted, or you’re with a couple of friends and don’t want to roll enough joints to keep the roto’ going. 

In times like these, the only answer are pre roll joints. Pre roll joints help you let the good times roll without having to roll yourself, and they’re the perfect way to get a kick of THC goodness without being absolutely stoned out of your mind. 

Are you not convinced? Here are 3 benefits pre roll joints have over traditional roll em’ up doobs! 

3 Pre Roll Benefits Have Over Joints

Pre Roll Joints are Portable 

By their very nature, joints are designed to be portable. They fit snugly into your pocket, behind your ear, and in the dash of your car, preparing you to blaze wherever you may be. 

Your grinder, papers, stash jar, and filters – not so much. 

If you’re planning to sesh with a few friends or smoke at your favourite smoke spot, you’re going to need to make your weed kit portable and bring it along with your journey or roll a couple of pre-rolls yourself beforehand. 

While this sounds easy in theory, it’s a lot more annoying in practice. You’re either going to have to lug around a weed kit that’s going to inevitably take up space in your car, backpack, or hands, or you’re going to have to carry a bunch of loose joints in your pocket, which can easily end up being crushed.

With our 10 Pack Mini Pre-roll joints, all of those worries are abated. 

Coming in their own box, the pre roll joints are protected from harm and the only thing you’ll need to carry is the funky box that they come in! 

The days of being able to buy a pack of joints like you would a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store are a ways away, but our 10 Pack Mini Pre-roll joints come pretty close to replicating that portability and convenience. 

They Help You Manage Potency

Okay – not everyone can be a big toke bloke, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoying cannabis shouldn’t be synonymous with be so stoned that you’re so sedated and can’t move. Everyone’s smoke tolerance is different, and that’s something that’s hard to manage when you’re rolling your own joints.

Ever try to roll a slim jim joint before? 

It’s difficult, to say the least.

Depending on the paper being used, a joint needs a certain amount of cannabis within it to maintain its structural integrity and smoke-ability. Cram it too full and you won’t be able to hit it. Too less, and it’ll fall apart in your hands. 

Most joints have around 0.5 grams to 1 gram of cannabis. While this is enough for a minority of smokers, many will have trouble finishing even half a gram, let alone a full one.

What happens when you can’t finish your perfectly rolled creation? You end up throwing it away, wasting your time, money, and weed. 

Nobody wants that, that’s why our pre roll joints come in 0.25 grams to give you the perfect marijuana-infused hit. 0.25 enough? With 10 in each pack, you can feel free to pop another one to give yourself a more elevated experience

The point is, the choice is yours. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, customize your smoke session to fit you and your smoke circle’s needs, all without having to roll yourself! 

They’re Sharable

The joys and wonders of cannabis should be shared, and weed has made this easier than ever. From bongs to pipes to one-hitters and rigs, it’s easier than ever to share and enjoy everyone’s favourite but let’s be honest here – it’s not entirely sanitary. 

Hey – there’s nothing wrong with sharing a joint, bong, or pipe with a friend or two, but the situation changes when you’re with a huge crowd with only one or two joints to go around. In a few minutes, you’ll be sharing an in-direct kiss with everyone looking to get high!

If that’s what you’re into, we’re not going to kink shame you for that. After all, weed is something to be shared and enjoyed by many. 

However, suppose you’re concerned at all about sharing a joint or two when you’re at a party with Kyle, who got mono 2 or 3 weeks ago. In that case, you’ll understand the appeal of having a personal joint to enjoy by yourself instead of sharing one or two between an entire party. 

With 10 pre roll joints in a pack, you’ll have more than enough weed to go around. Packed with only premium, full bud cannabis – never any shake or trim, each pack of 1 Hit Wonders combines the perfect amount of convenience, shareability, and fun. Enjoy yourself or share a 1 Hit Wonder with a friend – these pocket-ready wonders are available to go wherever and whenever. 

Pre Roll Joints – Better For You, Better For Your Friends

Enjoying a good smoke sesh should never come at the cost of any discomfort, unease, or inconvenience to yourself. Our Pre Roll Joints packs are designed to give you that freedom of use, portability, and shareability so you can smoke without compromise no matter the time or place. 

Don’t chase after the moment; get lost in it. 1 Hit Wonders’ ready-to-go pre-rolls, shroom capsules, vapes, and edibles are designed to help get your feet wet without diving in. Each of or our fresh, premium flower and herbal mushroom offerings are formulated to make each experience feel as unique as the first. They’re functional, portable, and designed for a wonderful experience that won’t leave you overwhelmed. 

Pocket Ready Wonders – Wherever You Go

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